Nebu Residence: Latest Construction Progress for March 2024

March has arrived, and with it comes significant progress at our Jomtien project. Below, you’ll find the construction update for Nebu Residence in March 2024.

Nebu Residence Construction Pictures

Construction at Hotel E, nestled in the scenic Koh Sak, is progressing rapidly. The foundation for wing A’s second level is on the verge of being poured, while wing B’s plunge pools have already had their foundations completed.

This steady pace ensures that Hotel E remains on track for its scheduled completion next year. Investors still have the opportunity to take advantage of the 8% cashback offer until the project reaches fruition, ensuring sustained profitability.

Activities have also commenced for Hotel D on the captivating Koh Chang, with piling works currently underway. Simultaneously, preparations for Hotel F on picturesque Koh Krok are in full swing, with completion scheduled for 2025.

With construction advancing at an accelerated pace and sales gaining momentum, the Jomtien project stands as a beacon of opportunity in Thailand’s hospitality sector.

Each milestone brings us closer to realizing the project’s transformative vision, promising a prosperous future for investors and visitors alike.

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