Thailand Strengthens Position in World Competitiveness Ranking, Ranked 2nd in ASEAN

Thailand’s economic outlook is shining brighter than ever.  A recent jump in the World Competitiveness Ranking by the respected IMD (International Institute for Management Development) puts Thailand at number 25 globally, solidifying its position as the second-most competitive economy in Southeast Asia (ASEAN), right behind Singapore.

This impressive ranking translates to real benefits for investors. Thailand’s economic performance is now ranked a strong 5th, showcasing a thriving marketplace ripe with potential.  Business efficiency has also seen a jump to 20th, highlighting a streamlined and investor-friendly environment.

The good news doesn’t stop there. Thailand boasts a stable and efficient government actively investing in infrastructure. This commitment to continuous improvement ensures a solid foundation for future growth and a predictable investment climate.

Thailand presents a compelling opportunity for investors seeking a dynamic and competitive market. With a strong economy, a commitment to progress, and a streamlined business environment, Thailand is poised for continued success, making it a prime destination for your next investment.

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1. What is the significance of Thailand’s rise in the World Competitiveness Ranking?

Thailand’s climb to 25th globally and 2nd in ASEAN signifies a stronger and more competitive economy. This translates to benefits for investors, including a thriving marketplace (ranked 5th) and a streamlined business environment (ranked 20th).

2. Where can I find more information about the World Competitiveness Ranking?

 You can visit the IMD website:

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