Investing in Hotel rooms in Thailand - through full or shared ownership - enjoy the benefits of a growing hospitality sector!

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Well-being centre
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Roof top dining

Benefits of Shared Ownership

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Why the Thailand real estate market is poised for a surge

At this live webinar you will learn how real estate
investors are being drawn to Thailand – a beautiful tropical country that has seen a steady increase in property values and yields as demand continues to stay strong and poised for rapid growth. However, the real estate investment market has a mixed reputation due to some past investors buying the wrong asset for their purpose.

The presenters will break down the key factors that contribute to making the Thailand real estate market stronger than ever, by articulating what is the right product for the investment purpose!

Understand the potential issues in condo investing, if not for personal use, that can destroy your yields!

  • Not all real estate investments are equal
  • In this webinar we take a hard look at the most common property investment mistakes
  • Break-down many of the myths related to
    condominium investing
  • Identify the factors that can drive down yields down and increase risk

If you are considering investing in Thailand

condominiums, then you owe it to yourself to attend this webinar.

Commercial Asset Class International Hotel Rooms, for pure investment! Hassle-free optional serviced apartment or vacation home

Your Presenters

Kevin Goos
Propbase CEO and Partner at Nebu World

15 years experience in building multiple successful proptech businesses in the region. Kevin focuses on providing new investment opportunities previously reserved for only large institutional investors

Nick Meredith
Partner – Sales Director
Nebu World

Nick has 36 years experience in Commercial, Residential and Fractional real estate in Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand. Nick is responsible for building and supporting the international sales network which is currently in 8 countries and growing.

Gorgina Gao
Sales Director
Nebu World

Experienced professional with a decade-long track record in the Asian real estate market, specializing in sales and providing SAAS solutions for global brands. Demonstrated expertise in driving successful initiatives across China, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, Australia and Japan through strategic partnerships and delivering exceptional service to all stakeholders.

Hnin Su
Sales Director
Nebu World

With more than 7 years of expertise in luxury real estate new development sales in Asia, I am a seasoned professional who excels in providing investment advisory services for overseas and foreign buyers seeking residential and commercial assets in Southeast Asia. My track record showcases a wealth of knowledge and a commitment to delivering qualified and tailored solutions.

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