The Nebu Experience

A holistic and flexible lifestyle for a new way of living

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Nebu Residences are designed to provide a complete solution for modern living. We understand that today the lines between work and play are blurred, and that people now desire a different set of lifestyle requirements. That’s why our resorts are complete holistic centres which offer a range of facilities and services whether for work or leisure.


Our goal is to provide best in class wellness programmes offering a range of different wellbeing and therapeutic experiences. These are individually tailored to help you attain personal growth through an integrated, holistic approach to wellness.

Spa & Wellness

A range of therapies are available


Guided classes and quiet spaces are provided


Regular sessions are held for all abilities


Enjoy the latest beauty treatments

Healthy Food

A range of menus to suit all tastes

Outdoor Activities

Exercise in nature and enjoy the wellness benefits


Drift away and calm your inner spirit


As a destination resort, fun and relaxation are at the top of the agenda at Nebu. From our vast lagoon pool, cool entertainment and dining options, to some amazing attractions nearby, your days and nights at Nebu will be unforgettable!

Lagoon Pool

A showcase facility for all the family


When the sun goes down, it’s time to play.

Tropical Beaches

Yours to discover and enjoy

Pet Inclusive

Not only are we pet friendly, there’s lots for them to do!

Golf Courses

Some of the best golf courses in the world

Theme Parks

All day destinations designed for FUN

Natural Landscapes

Stunning areas of natural beauty

Gym & Fitness

State of the art fitness centres with all the equipment


At Nebu, we imagined what the ideal working environment would look like. Whether you’re after a space which is chilled and relaxed, or you need something more formal, we provide both environments – offering you the flexibility you need. Whatever your hustle, you can make it happen from Nebu. And, once you’re done, we’ve got the perfect afterwork antidote.


Nebu Residences have been designed to create a community of like-minded people, looking for a place where they can live, work and play, with activities and opportunities to develop friendships, socialize and network.

Whether you’re solo, a couple, or with a young family, Nebu Resorts is the ideal home away from home.

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