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Nebu Luxury Resort Residences

Applicant 1:
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All pay ments must be within 90 days maximum from contract signing and first payment 1, excluding the 17 insta llment program.

*25,000 Baht is the required Holding Deposit to secure your room

(Due on completion of the project)

Buyer/Lessee agrees to TTMV applying Total Deposit paid to the Price that is payable by the Buyer/lessee pursuant to any Lease
Agreement, that may be subsequently entered between the Buyer/Lessee and TTMV in the respect of the Room/s.

Agents Checklist


  1. No Legal obligations arise from this Application process and Nebu/TTMV agrees that an Application received by it from a party does not in any way form a legally binding agreement and creates no obligation on an interested party to buy a property from Nebu/TTMV, or on Nebu/TTMV to sell it.
  2. All Application documents, including paper and electronic copies upon being submitted to Nebu/TTMV, become the property of Nebu/TTMV and except for Nebu/TTMV’s disclosure to its internal and external financial and legal advisors, Nebu/TTMV shall keep such information confidential.
  3. This invitation to submit an Application was prepared by Nebu/TTMV for the information of interested parties, to submit an Application in regard to the purchase of one or more of the above properties.
  4. There is a 5,000 Baht Non-refundable holding deposit per application. In the event you cancel after 30 days from the date of this application you will forfeit all monies paid.
  5. The information contained in this invitation has been prepared in good faith and with due care by Nebu/TTMV, interested parties should if required further satisfy themselves about any aspect of the purchase.
  6. Once Nebu/TTMV receives and considers this completed Application, providing all details are correct, Nebu/TTMV will process the application and forward the party two signed copies for their signature.
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