Nebu Residences: Economy Core Values

At Nebu Residences, our commitment to the economy extends beyond conventional real estate models. We’re through our companies outside of Australia and Thailand pioneering tokenisation to democratize property ownership, ensuring accessibility and affordability.



At NebuWorld, we’re revolutionizing the way people invest in real estate through tokenization. Our innovative approach to property ownership involves building an online economy that incorporates flexible ownership and tokenization. Through our company overseas, we enable the tokenization of our projects, allowing individuals to own fractional shares of property.

One of the key features of our approach is co-ownership of rooms within our properties worldwide. This means that more than one person can own a hotel room within our projects, making property ownership more accessible and affordable. By breaking down traditional barriers to entry, we’re democratizing real estate investment and empowering individuals to participate in our global community.

“This is an exciting project which involves creation and flexible ownership that is cutting edge internationally.”

– Peace Kridtin, IT and Data Operations Manager Pratu.

Financial Sustainability

Financial sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at Nebu Residences. Our goal is to provide a sustainable financial ecosystem where investors can thrive and grow with the community.

Through our unique investment model, individuals have the opportunity to earn substantial returns on their investments and for services rendered to NebuWorld.

By purchasing hotel rooms within our projects, investors can receive 4-5 times the income stream compared to traditional residential properties. This innovative income model enables investors to live off the rental income generated by their assets, providing a pathway to financial independence. Additionally, we offer opportunities for individuals to earn income through property sales and rentals, creating a network of empowered entrepreneurs within our community.



At Nebu Residences, we’re not just building properties; we’re creating a vibrant and diverse community of like-minded individuals from around the world. Our international resort, hotel, and residences chain brings together people with a shared passion for property investment and luxury living.

Our community reflects a rich tapestry of cultures and backgrounds, united by a common interest in staying in unique and exciting environments. Whether it’s digital nomads seeking temporary accommodations or semi-retired individuals looking for a permanent retreat, Nebu’s projects cater to a diverse range of lifestyles.

digital nomads

To facilitate connections and interactions within our community, we offer a variety of activities and events at our physical locations. From nightlife and fitness activities to workshops and community gatherings, there are plenty of opportunities for members to meet and connect with each other.

Additionally, we’re developing online platforms and applications to enable members to communicate and interact with each other, regardless of your geographical location.

Nebu Residences as part of NebuWorld is not just reimagining property ownership; we’re creating a dynamic and inclusive community where individuals can thrive and connect with others who share their interests and passions. “Experience life.” 

We hope you’re as excited as we are about the transformation into Nebu Residences.

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for our Rebrand Soft Launch Event on June 1st 2024, in Jomtien, Pattaya. Whether you join us in person or via live streaming, we can’t wait to share this special moment with you. Register now to secure your spot at the forefront of luxury living!