Thailand Investment Opportunities: Asia’s Rising Star

Thailand Ranks as Second Most Attractive Investment Location

Are you an investor seeking exciting opportunities beyond your home market? Look no further than Thailand! According to the prestigious Milken Institute’s 2024 Global Opportunity Index (GOI), Thailand is the second most attractive investment location among emerging and developing economies in Asia. The GOI is a trusted resource for investors worldwide, analyzing countries based on […]

Songkran Festival: Thailand’s Most Awaited Festival

Songkran Festival: Thailand's Most Awaited Festival

The Songkran festival, a vibrant celebration deeply rooted in Thai culture, marks the traditional Thai New Year. Spanning from April 13th to 15th, this festivity isn’t merely a change in the calendar; it’s a time-honored tradition symbolizing purification, renewal, and community.  With its joyful water fights, ceremonial rituals, and family gatherings, Songkran encapsulates the essence […]

Thailand’s Covid Recovery: Rebounding Tourism and Investment

Thailand's Covid Recovery: Rebounding Tourism and Investment

Thailand, often referred to as the Land of Smiles, has been a magnet for travelers worldwide. However, the COVID-19 pandemic dealt a severe blow to its vibrant tourism industry. Despite the challenges, Thailand has embarked on a journey of resilience and recovery. Resilience and Adaptability Thailand has demonstrated globally the most resilience in navigating the […]

Nebu Residence: Latest Construction Progress for March 2024

March has arrived, and with it comes significant progress at our Jomtien project. Below, you’ll find the construction update for Nebu Residence in March 2024. Construction at Hotel E, nestled in the scenic Koh Sak, is progressing rapidly. The foundation for wing A’s second level is on the verge of being poured, while wing B’s […]